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Customer Success Executive

We are seeking an enthusiastic and motivated individual to join our customer support team as a Customer Support Specialist. The successful candidate will be responsible for providing technical support and ad-hoc training to customers who use our company’s product, replying to inbound queries, and ensuring customer satisfaction and retention.

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Undergraduate courses (BCom, BBA, BBM, BA, B.Sc, MBA/ PGDM)
50% cutoff – 10th, 12th and Graduation
No backlogs and Gap years during education
Must be fluent in English and Hindi

Expectations from successful candidates

A willingness to learn about the company’s products and their capabilities.
Ability to establish customer relationships that increase retention and loyalty, ultimately boosting customer lifetime value and reducing churn.
Strong technical skills and the ability to simplify complex concepts for customers.
Exceptional interpersonal and relationship-building abilities.
Knowledge of other regional languages is an advantage, particularly if the company operates within the country.


Offer technical assistance and on-demand training to customers using the company’s products, responding to incoming inquiries.
Ensure customer satisfaction by educating them on the functional capabilities and potential upgrades of the product.
Contribute to the development and enhancement of the product by collecting feedback to identify common issues and bringing them to the attention of the product manager.
Maintain high service standards, going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

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